Full Spectrum Preparedness is a family friendly Exposition that seeks to promote self-sufficiency, general preparedness for any disaster and a sense of community among Kansas Preppers. We put on the state wide Prepping Expo every year, support other local shows and have multiple media outlets.

Our Expo literally started with three guys in a garage, who wanted to do something for the preppers in our area. Now, after 8 Expos, we have become a cornerstone of many preppers' yearly calendars. We also support local groups that have seen what we do, and want to create their own expos in their local communities.

Our Expos have vendors with a wide range of goods and services that include: long term food and water storage, precious metals and bullion,  medical supplies, Wilderness Survival Schools, military surplus, seeds and plants, firearms and ammunition and much more.

In addition to the Expo sales floor, we offer lectures and classes all day long. These lectures are put on by some of the premier subject matter experts that we can find. All lectures are FREE to the public and do not require preregistration!

At each Expo we give away a variety of prizes of varying categories and values. We also have regular online contests on our Facebook page.

Our Expo is non-religious and has no political affiliation. We do not endorse any one theory of why prepping is necessarily. We view prepping as insurance. You don’t drive without insurance, you don’t rent or own property without insurance, you don’t live without life or health insurance. So why would you exist without survival insurance?

To comply with Kansas Anti-Militia law, K.S.A. 48-203, we do not allow any militia related material to be posted on our venues, nor do we allow open recruitment at our Expos. This is not to offend anyone’s opinions or views on militias. This is to ensure that we follow the law.

Pete, our President handles vendor reservations and event sponsorship’s. If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor or Vendor, please contact him at peter@fullspectrumpreparedness.com. Please email ahead for pricing and availability before submitting your payment to the KPE. We like to encourage our Vendors to contribute prizes at the Expo events.




Bobby, our Vice President handles social media and is the Master of Ceremonies at the KPE events. He also recruits instructors and subject matter experts to give classes at our event. If you are interested in giving a class, providing an article for us to put on social media, or have general questions; you may contact him at: bobby@fullspectrumpreparedness.com.



Allen, our Operations Manager, manages the Expo grounds during shows, maintains Expo inventories and heads security.





Brigette is our Treasurer, and also runs the Hospitality Room for our Vendors, Sponsors and Special Guests.