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Welcome to FSP, the Midwest's premiere preparedness and survival expo!


Hello Preppers! Full Spectrum Preparedness has a proud legacy of putting on the best and most relevant Prepping Expo in Kansas. We will always be a show put on By Preppers – For Preppers! Our motto is “Equip, Educate and Network”!

At Full Spectrum Preparedness, we don’t care why you prep. All we care about is that you have the knowledge and tools needed to weather any storm. 

Thank you for being a part of this amazing and ever growing community!

Please see the links at the top of this page of folks in Kansas who have partnered with us over time to promote the Prepping Community!



FSP provides lectures, presentations, and in-depth clinics at our annual expo in Topeka, Kansas as well as regular opportunities for learning and growth throughout the year.

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Our vendors supply a broad selection of products for your survival and preparedness needs, from the latest and greatest tech to the tried and true tools that your grandparents swore by.

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Our annual expo is an amazing place to meet and learn from like-minded people from across the region. We've also established affiliate groups that hold regular meetings across Kansas.

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